Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chicago Fabrics

Today meant putting Christmas away. It's always a little sad....but then it makes everything look so less cluttered. Less clutter is so much better when you have small children, but I will miss my vintage Christmas collections.
A sweet prairie rose that I sorely wanted to keep after I made it!

While I was in Chicago, my husband dropped me off in the fabrics district for about 30 min. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I only had $10 to spend but I found some treasures....1 WHOLE yard of pink silk....pure silk, not satin! A bit of green silk for leaves and some super soft turquoise linen. That probably isn't too exciting to most of ya'll but I usually have to buy my silk in the form of thrift store pajama bottoms and piece things together. The fabric stores here carry very little and it's about $20 a yd. Next time I go to Chicago, I need to plan a little better and spend a little more time.....and take my fabric loving mother! I think she would be in heaven!

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Mom said...

When can we arrange that trip?