Thursday, December 9, 2010


The House Across The Bay- Open Edition Print

I know that this is not a Christmas picture, but hey, it doesn't look much like Christmas here in East Texas! I'm very pregnant right now, so indulge me a little fantasy please.........I've always wanted to pull an elegant sofa out of doors, under the sky and just lie there in a beautiful dress and.....sketch, drink tea, eat a pretty cake.....and have small animals peek at what I'm doing. Actually the last part would probably be a bit disturbing. ....a soft breeze, maybe a gardenia bush nearby and absolutely no car sounds....just birds and leaves rustling. My eyes would slowly close from the warmth. Lazy, lazy, lazy and then....a raindrop. Looking up, I'd notice the sky becoming dramatically dark, with the wind picking up and whipping my hair across my face. But no worries, magically everything appears back inside and then I am in front of a roaring fire holding hands with my husband in a very, very clean house.

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