Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blue Boy and Pink Bathroom

It's official! Vashey #3 is a boy!
He'll be born in the beginning of April...that's coming soon!
We are very excited to be raising three sons....an honor and a responsibility. I'm a little outnumbered but that's ok....b/c I have a pink bathroom!


Tyne said...

Love you Leigh! God is so sovereign in giving you three sons. You are a great mama to boys... and anytime you need to borrow one of my girls or come decorate really frilly, come on over!

Vashey Fam said...

Thank you Tyne. You have the loveliest girls inside and ou and I so enjoy decorating them!

Rebecca said...

Oh, how wonderful a son... and then there will be 3! I have 5 girls 1 son... and now 8 grandchildren 4 girls-4 boys! The crown of my days... I thank you for your prayers-the Lord is good.
Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving day