Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zane is 1

Oh, I love him so much!
Thank you God for my little son!
Zane Daniel Vashey
October 30, 2009
8lbs 6oz

You're so adventuresome now! You walk and climb. The climbing scares me to death. I have found you in so many precarious places! You play ball too! I throw the ball and you throw it back to me. You can say:
"Mama, Dada, Dat (that)"
You have quite the temper and are very stubborn!
I love nursing you in the morning and kissing your sweet neck. You make mama's heart glad and I will love your strong soul forever.


LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Zane! Hope you have a special day :)

The Rowland Crew said...

Happy birthday Zane! It will be fun to see how big you are at thanksgiving.

Tyne said...

Happy BDay Zaner, Zane-o, ZD! We love you!