Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vashey's GTT

We played games every night!
Mya and Wyatt the superstar

Jon has 4 older sisters! Here are two..... Julie and Debbie

So our house was taken over by 7 Vashey women from Chicago. I had a few moments of panic about where to put everyone, but it worked out perfectly. There were 3 blowup mattresses, a cot, 1 double bed and 1 twin. Whew! There were blankets and pillows everywhere......and pots. Yes, they came all the way here and caught our East Texas stomach bug. It was terrible....there are only two toilets in the house which is bad when so many people are sick at once. Jon joked, that we should have a game of "steal the pots"( we ran out). It did bring us all closer however and we played card games, board games and made up games. You can imagine the amount of giggling that went on! :o) What a blessing they all were to have. Before the sickness, Debbie and Julie and I (plus baby Zane) went to my "Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed" Women's Bible Study together and lunch afterwards. It was a blast........the study was very powerful and then we ate delicious food at Nanny's Goats in downtown Kilgore. What a spectacular place!! It will definitely be on the Food Network Channel before long. Down town Kilgore is turning into a pretty happening place. I really enjoyed the "sister time".
I was a little nervous about the amount of people staying in our house but it really was fun. It didn't matter what we did, there were book-oohs of laughter and joy in just being together. I love you beautiful ladies!
I am working on Vashey's Gone To Texas Part II, so if you didn't see your picture here, then it will be coming!

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