Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Up Chuck Chopped Suey

I made chopped suey for the first time last night. It's apparently one of my husband's favorites that I wasn't aware of. His mom made it growing up and I have her recipe. Actually I think I have all her recipes. She graciously gave me a box full of them before we got married. How many of them have I tried to make? 2.....yes, only two in 5 years. Chocolate pie and now chopped suey. Why? Because I think I have this fear that anything of hers that I make just won't measure up. I can't even seem to get my own mom's recipes right. They've both been practicing for years and years!

*Ok, potty break. Zane has pooped through his clothes and onto the swing. Yuck!*

Anyway, I got to try out this special sauce pictured above! The ingredients called for 1- 1/2 tsp of bouquet and I knew that we weren't talking about flowers here. I was able to locate it in the grocery store pretty easily. This stuff is really good! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I think it's been around forever. It brings up memories of my Nana's kitchen. I'm not positive but I think she used it....it kind of reminds me of her wallpaper.

So, midway through chopped suey, I heard Wyatt make a gurgling sound in the living room. I turn from the stove and see him standing in the doorway with red stuff streaming out of his mouth. I didn't have my glasses on, so at first it looked like blood. My heart stopped and I ran to him. Thankfully it wasn't blood, but pasta coming up. He just stood there and just kept heaving out massive quantities on himself and the floor. There were no sinks or toilets within a mile of us so I just kept him there until he was done. Poor, poor thing! He'd never thrown up before and I think it was traumatic for him. I know it was traumatic for me, not to mention that it was all over the couch, throw pillows and the floor. He managed throw up again as I led him to the bathroom and then again ON the toilet and the wall. Chunks people!! Chunks! I have never seen such chunkiness or such quantity (maybe b/c as adults we usually get most of it in a contained location) and the color was so red. Not orange but red.......... He is doing fine today, thankfully. My couch, not so much. Any suggestions besides soap and water? It stinks pretty bad! Help!

Well, if you're still interested, here is my mother-in-law's recipe, which was delicious by the way and not overly complicated. I am renaming it here, but you don't have to call it..............

Up-chuck Chopped Suey

*upchuck is optional

Saute: 1 large onion diced and celery 3 to4 stalks diced in large pot

-when soft add 4 lbs of cubed meat (usually 2 lbs of pork and 2 lbs of beef but I just used beef)

-brown and add about 2 tsp of kitchen bouquet while browning

-add 1-1/2 TBS of bead sauce (I used molasses)

-add 1/4 bottle of soy sauce

-fill pot with water to cover meat 1"

-cover and simmer 1-1/2 hours till meat is tender

-before serving add 1/2 cup of Argo Starch that has been dissolved in water

-pour over rice (with slotted spoon)


Chuck said...

it was delish Leigh, you done's well.

Stephanie said...

Love the title. I would guess vinegar would help with the smell. This crazy virus that's going around is mad.

Tyne said...

OMG... What a preface to a cooking post!

Try baking soda.

I will try the chop suey. after my stomach settles.

Sorry the puke was so nasty!