Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Visit

Baths in the winter can be cold! We try to keep Zane covered with warmth while he bathes.

Snow view from Wyatt's window
Samuel played Legos everyday with Uncle Jon

Yummy! Renee made a homemade cheesecake.

Uncle Brian did a mean "bucking bronco"!
Of course, we had to make homemade pizzas!

Wyatt was with his Aunti 'Ne wherever she went. They had so much fun together. I overheard Wyatt today saying "Bye, bye Auntie 'Ne, Uncle Brian, cousin Samuel and Auntie Tyne" I looked into the room and saw that he had his cars lined up and had named them after some of his favorite people.
Cousins! We really miss you Samuel!


Mona said...

Wyatt's window view is fun! Please tell Renee how much we loved her cheesecake!

LeeAnn said...

mmmmm, you may have to teach me your pizza ways while I am there :)

We always have a wash cloth on Maddie Mae when we bathe her for warmth and ended up buying a little space heater for the bathroom when it was really cold. Love that pic of Zane, pretty sure he is quite a bit bigger than his older cousin M! He looks great!

Tyne said...

That picture of Zane is too cute. He looks so grown-up! I am so honored that I was in the car line-up!