Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Blues

It's happening. I can feel my body starting to protest. It's hard to sleep at night b/c
a. having to get up to go to the ladies rm every couple of hours
b. something cramps and hurts everytime I turn over
c. my lower back just kills

I'm still perservering, though. My feet haven't swelled yet, so walking is still fine. I'm thankful for that! :o) Jon and I vacuumed and mopped all of our hardwood floors to prep them for staining.....and when I say vacuumed I mean every sq inch meticulously done with a shop vac....not good on the back. I don't want to be a blob who sits in a chair and watches HGTV/Hallmark 24/7!!

Jon has been working super hard every night. He goes straight from his 8-5 job to the new house to work and usually comes home around 11:30pm. Tonight he's actually coming home and we are going on a date to get to know each other again. I can't wait! I miss my husband!


LeeAnn said...

I am feeling your pains too, if that is any consolidation :) sleep is my hardest thing...

Anonymous said...

Yay for dating!!! It's the best!! :)