Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pink Carpet, no hair

It's so weird that my sister is married and moved to Hawaii. I keep thinking she will home in a few weeks. I just got used to having her back from Africa! We are in the middle of a home remodel. I feel like we should be on one of those HGTV shows. Things are just so crazy. We *thought* we would be ripping out the pink carpet, cleaning and then moving in. Um, well the floor isn't so beautiful underneath. It has huge patches of unfinished wood flooring. So strange.....and then there is linoleum, old school style, in about 500 sq ft of the house. So we are having to rethink our whole plan.........Jon got a call today from the old owner of the house. She pretty much griped him out. She could not seem to understand why in the world we would want to remove all the mirrors from the wall (one whole wall in a bedroom was mirrors and it covered over a perfectly good window????) and what was so wrong with the pink carpet that we don't want it. Hmmm......You can't help but laugh! On a happy note, here are a few pics from our Chicago trip. Oh and did I mention I cut off all my hair? Yes, I am now a pregnant pixie. :o)


Chelle said...

Love your haircut! It's really cute on you!

And I had to laugh about her calling you asking about the carpet...ha!

Jeff said...

Too bad we didn't save our purple carpet, you could have used that to replace the pink. That would have been awesome! Oh well.