Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mouse and Popsicle Stick People

Good news! We have a computer again!!! Yeah!!! I still can't edit my photos yet, but at least I can keep up with the rest of the world now!

I finally feel like making things again! Here is a pretty brown mouse I created for my cousin who is due 1-1/2 weeks before me. She's all dressed for cooler weather b/c I'm betting October is a pretty cold month in Montana. I love the yarn pom pom I made for her hat. I'd never done that before. I was shopping for kitchen curtain fabric and came across this bright floral. I couldn't put it down. The colors really inspired me and I knew it would be just right for a sweet baby girl with a redheaded mother. :o)
Popsicle People. Wyatt loved these! We made them together and he played with them all afternoon. Great craft for a 2 yr old! I am so excited that he knows his colors now and had very definite opinions on hair and clothes colors. All I did was cut out semi decent shapes of clothes and put slits in them so he could slide them on and off. We drew on the faces with a regular old pen........he gave the men and women hairy chests with his scribbles and WaLa! Popsicle people. Featured here, are a baby and his mama.


The White House said...

Cute! You are a good mama!

LeeAnn said...

Hey Cousin :) Love the mouse!!! So cute, she is going to love it

Cannot wait to use you as a reference on projects to do with my kids, that sounds like a great afternoon with Wyatt