Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Visits from beloved family

This pic is dark, but can you see their smiles and Hi-5"s?

I am so behind!!! Please excuse the lateness of these posts!
These two cousins *loved each other! We took McClaine for the day and it amazed me how well they played with each other.
Action in Granny and Gramps back yard!
Me, Tyne, My Mom(aka Oma) and Granny holding Reece

My newest niece is just so precious!
I am sadly lacking in pictures here......b/c I just didn't take many. I have not one of my cousin LeeAnn and her husband Jeff who came all the way from Montana. LeeAnn is a few weeks behind me in pregnancy and I really wished she lived closer.

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Mom said...

Love these pictures! Thank you for the birthday brownies and the earrings!