Monday, May 4, 2009

Vacation and Forbidden Trash

We just got back from a beach vacation and I feel amazingly relaxed. What is it about pregnancy that makes me so anxious? I remember feeling like that with Wyatt too.....not so much about the pregnancy itself, but more like 24-7 PMS. I'll blog about our trip tomorrow when I can show a few pictures. I am still feeling weird about something that happened to me this morning.

Jon called me up and let me know there was a house in our neighborhood that had a pile of old frames and paintings out for trash. (Don't I have a sweet hubby for giving me such awesome tips?) Well, I got excited and was over there as fast as I could (8:30am). No, I hadn't fixed my hair, but who cares right? The early bird gets the worm.....or so I thought.
I pull my car up and as soon as I see the pictures lying there looking so beautiful and vintage, my heart started hammering. I am not talking about 1980's Mickey Mouse posters here, but more like 1920-30's paintings in ornate wooden frames. I love things like that!!! I jump out and feel like a kid in a candy store, until the people's dogs start barking at me. A window comes up and a lady sticks her head out the window yelling,"Git outta my trash!"
"Well, ma'am do you mind if I have the pictures?"
"NO! Git outta here! It's illegal to go through people's trash! Git!!"
She was screaming it too!
Now, I wouldn't say I go through peoples trash. It's not anything like that! I don't open up trash bags and look for new identities. I just look for wooden furniture, pictures and things like that. I always figured if you put it on the curb you're trying to get rid of it. It's only going to the dump where it will be become landfill. Wow, I still feel shaken up. I'm not used to being screamed at like that......and what I really want to do is sneak back down there and take this one particular picture that was so pretty.....the frame was so pretty. I am sad that it's going to just be trashed.
I wonder how many more people she's screamed at today?


Trevlyn said...

How crummy of her!!! I can just see that happening to me - I'm always going through the large piles by the road! Can you sneak back tonight when it's dark?!

Mona said...

I know you hate to let those pictures get away.

Margarita said...

Lol! You Dumpster Diver!

Stephanie said...

Send Jon this time. :)

Speaking of dumpster diving, while we were gone the kids went on campus and found some "treasures." They wrapped them up and surprised us with them when we got home. They were so excited about their blue plate, a computer mouse and bottom of tupperwear. :)