Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Subliminal Messages in Baby Einstein?

This morning Wyatt asked for music for the first time. He picked out what he wanted, went and got his blanket, climbed on the couch and listened to an *entire* Baby Einstein classical CD(I don't think I could sit through an entire classical albummyself. Sometimes his powers of concentration amaze me...remember he just turned 2!)He tapped his little fat foot, hummed and seemed fully engaged and content. I found this so weird and wonderfulbut I took full advantage of it. I was able to get all the breakfast dishes done and brush my teeth before it was almost over. He patted the seat beside him, which is my cue to cuddle. I love when he does that! I snuggled close, he smiled and then BAM, he jerked his head back as hard as he could into my mouth! I saw stars...I thought I was gushing blood! "Wy-att, what in the world is WRONG with you?!!"
Do you think they put violent subliminal messages in their music?

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The White House said...

That is hilarious, but ouch. Try playing the cd backwards and see if he snuggles with you!