Saturday, April 18, 2009

My sister climbed Mt Kilimanjaro

From Africa, Margaret types:
And we're back!! Yes folks, we both made it to the top!! Let me just say that climbing Africa's tallest mountain is no walk in the park. It was glorious though! God led us one step at a time, providing for all of our needs. The scenery was just amazing! I'll be showing pics when I get back. I've never been 19,340 feet and it did a bit of a number on me. But, Josh and I both pumped!!! The trip was 5 days and I think around 40 miles total. Each day proved harder than the previous with need diligence to press on. The air got thinner and thinner...The day we summited we awoke at midnight and started the 5 hour hike to Gillman's point which was about 3 -4 km. It was super steep! We have to walk extremely slow due to the oxygen level. Even at a snail's pace I was out of breath the entire time. Our guide told us we could only stop to rest every 40 min. or we would get too cold. The temp was in the teens with wind chill. I had to break the stopping rule a few times due to the need to vomit! I threw up 3 times but man I wanted to reach the summit so bad. So, we pressed on!!! I was praying the whole time "God, please help me. I need your help. I'm so weak." And, He did help! Once we arrived at Gillman's point it was another 2 hour hike to Uhuru peak. Even though the Uhuru was only one km away you could hardly breathe. Then, we arrived!!! There were glaciers all was snowing on, God is good! His creation is just Amazing. I'll tell you guys more later, but I'm out of Internet time and must go....
Please pray for recooperation for Josh and I's bodies. It hurts to move...I feel like I aged 60 yrs!

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Isn't that sooo cool? I am glad you posted about it.