Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House ramblings

I wish I could post pics!!! I have to figure this out on Margaret's computer! I have so many new images and no way to edit them for this. I finally made a pattern for a fawn (baby deer) and I realy want to show you. Oh well, as soon as I am home for more than a couple hours at a time......Ialso need to post about my sister in Africa. She's way cooler than I am!
We went and looked at a house today. I was so excited and it was such a letdown. I hate when they make the pictures look so much better than what's really there and I seriously don't understand why people selling their house don't simply clean it!!!...or hire someone to clean it!!! I really can look past that sort of thing. We certainly did with this house. I was 3 months pregnant and couldn't even be in the house without almost throwing up.....urine, musty moldy. It had the orginal flooring from the 50's, which is a good thing if it's hardwood, but not so much if it's carpet and linoleum. Anyway, tomorrow the inspector comes so I have be out by 10am. Wyatt and I will go get coffee and go to the library.....and maybe go look at light fixtures at the local resale shop. I need a new chandelier to renovate. I'll be leaving the one I've dragged from apartment to apartment for the last 10 yrs.....and that has been painted 3 times....and only cost me $3 on clearance at Lowe's..... Yes, I was so into decorating that I actually took down whatever light fixture was in the rental and wired mine up. Hey, you can be poor and still have glamour. It's all in the mindset! Ok, enough rambling. Time to swiffer!

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Composing Hallelujahs said...

what area of town do you guys want to be in?