Tuesday, February 3, 2009

French Fried Computer

So our computer is completely and totally deep fried and dead. I'm not sure what we're going to do at this point. Jon brings home the work lap top from time to time, so I'm able to get on the net here and there. The kind of computer we need to run all of Jon's design programs is definitely going to take some moolah.......moolah we don't have. Does anyone want to buy a softie? I do custom orders? I actually have 3 new puppies ready but no way to put them on Etsy. I'll figure something out. One is a pirate pup and he is sooo fun and cute! Oh, wait, actually my gentelman pup is for my friend, Vandy's son. I made him out of dark green and brown velvet with a pea green pinstipe tummy. I've been watching a lot of period movies lately and you can totally tell with my pirate and gentelman pups. I watched the newest Pride and Prejudice last night. Oh I love that movie. Of course it's not really like the book....more like a beautiful painting inspired by the book........but the music and cinemantography are so very lovely. I think I like all the Pride and Pred. movies. Anyway, I need to stop rambling and check emails!

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