Monday, January 12, 2009

Schindler's List

Tyne, I used a plain old pencil for the hand killed about mid-way through! Jon and I have been watching a lot of heavy movies over the last few years. (Hotel Ruwanda, Born into Brothels, Blood Diamond) The latest was Schindler's List. Oh I could hardly handle it!! Especially horrific was a scene where a group of little Jewish children are called out of the concentration camp by guards singing. The little ones come running out all happy, singing, not knowing what is about to happen to them. I lost it at that point. I think it was 11:30 pm and we turned it off, and I went to Wyatt's room, picked him up out of his crib and just held him, rocked and cried. He slept through all of it, of course. In my head, I could see him running out of that shack on his chubby legs, smiling and lured by the happy music. *Gee*, I am crying again as I write this! Such a terrible, terrible thing. I remember praying, "God how could you watch that?" How can God watch genocides and not strike out?..............This painting, Redemption, carried some of that emotion for me. As I was painting Jesus' face, I had the realization that God himself came down as man (Jesus), and put the punishment for that horrific act on himself. How could he love us that much?....he would take his wrath out on himself rather than us. Deep and confusing and I am sure I don't really understand......usually the sort of thing I ignore in my American consumerist, bubble-like way.


Kelly said...

Leigh, you have such a beautiful heart! Those kind of movies have that kind of effect on me as well. I'm so glad you can express your feelings in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

LeeAnn said...

It turned out amazing, and knowing the emotion that drove a part of it makes it even more beautiful