Monday, January 19, 2009

House News

We worked hard this weekend. In fact, every minute of daylight was spent outside working on the exterior of our house. Those of you who live close know how much it needed help!......especially since the hurricane! I think the coolest most satisfying part was powerwashing the brick. Oh my gosh what a difference!!!! Our house looks brand new! It took a long time. The hose only sprayed about the size of an eraser, but it really worked. It made our brick look shiney and beautiful! It must be a little how a dental hygenist feels when they clean a big mouthful of grimey teeth. Our house is like a big mouth full of green teeth! ooh gross! Anyway, I'm sore and tired and we still have to paint but much was accomplished. I'll have to take pics soon. Oh and we laid a flagstone pathway to the door, planted pansies and fixed a corner of the eaves that was damaged from IKE. Thank you mom and dad for coming out and helping. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for keeping Wyatt and allowing us to concentrate! Thank you Justin and brother for helping us haul off more IKE debris!


Dana said...

powerwashing is fun. did you write words in the cement? :) dave had fun doing that on the walkway of our old house :)

Anonymous said...

Oh power washing! If only every other kind of work was as much fun! ;)