Monday, December 15, 2008

Illegal toys

I am sitting here feeling so sad about the things I've been reading. It's really true. It will be illegal for me to sell Silly Turnips after February 9th. There is absolutely no way I can meet the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act . It just won't work for what I do. I recycle fabrics and make one-of-a-kind items. How in the world could I do testing that costs and arm and a leg, not mention destroys the test subject. It's for batch testing and big companies......not for little shops like mine. It's like the government ripped the paint brush from my hands.
It seems so unbelievable to me that parents will only be able to buy toys from large manufacturers. Midsize to small Toymakers are calling February 10th, "National Bankruptcy Day" b/c this will put them out of business. This can not be good for the economy!
Etsy has put together a great thing. It consists of sending one of our toys to Congressman Rush with a note attached saying :
On Feb. 10, 2009 this item will turn into a
Don't let this happen, modify CPSIA now!

He might take notice when all these boxes of great toys for his kids start flooding his office! I'll be sending him one of my puppies made from vintage sheets! You can view more about that here. There are also some interesting videos here.

If you would like to do something or just want more info, then you can click on the bear button at right. You can also add the button to your blog. I feel like if people knew about this, then maybe just maybe congress would listen. Grrrr.


Dana said...

it has NOTHING to do with keeping people safe, it's all about the government controling everything we make and do. this is when my republican blood begins to boil.

Once Upon A Closet said...

my mom is struggling with the same thing. She makes clothing and w/out that income, she will have to return to work. That is not what she wants to do. And we do want her to go either. Honestly, my stomach hurts thinking about it. This is complete craziness! It seems that somehow, someway the "small businesses" should be protected. We will keep on praying and y'all keep on fighting!

dawn brown said...

I agree this is horrible. But how can they crack down on all of the people that do it. you might still be able to do it and hope not to get caught. They do not have enough government staff to go and check everywhere to make sure people are checking their stuff can they?

Vashey Fam said...

I've thought about just doing it anyway, but then my main venue is Etsy and they won't be able to carry anything unless it's certified. Of course, you can always come to my home and buy directly from me.....or just request something. The internet is so easily searchable.....and I really don't want to be a criminal.

Dana said...

i think the principle of running a business with honesty and integrity gets in the way of "sneaking" around the government.
what we were talking about was what if they allowed the handmade toys to be labeled "NOT tested by the such and such" and then let the shoppers purchase at their own discresion. kinda like certain drugs or vitamins that aren't fda approved but can still be sold. i dunno.

gina said...

hi there, just wanted to tell you that your hand sewn items have so much charm. i'm sure they have and will make many children happy!