Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My husband had a most horrendous day today. He hurts so badly that he can't even sit at the kitchen table for meals. We've been eating on the floor....picnics. Wyatt thinks it's hilarious sitting high and mighty in his highchair! It's too the point that Jon can't walk without holding onto me or the walls. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is a doer and hates being still. This makes it especially hard for him. He's been trying to use this time to pray and study the Bible more. He figures God has him still for a reason. I married a really awesome guy. I wish I could help him feel better. As it is, I've just been trying to cook some of his favorite foods to cheer him up....or fatten him up he thinks. Anyway, thanks for the prayers. My little family needs them!

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Trevlyn said...

Sounds like both of you are quite blessed to have each other! Physical challenges like these are so hard, but hopefully he mends quickly. Praying.