Monday, October 13, 2008

Ike's aftermath

It's very sad but our insurance company, Allstate, is not going to give us enough money to fix our house. Did you know that there is so much damage around here that there are no roofers available for 6 months? Sheesh. Anyway, we got a quote of a little over 6000 and insurance is giving us a little over 4. Hmmmm....., so we got out there this weekend and took down our ugly, ugly back porch roof *ourselves*. Jon started sawing into the post and we struck water!!

Most of you know that we bought a "fixer-upper". We are just now getting to the outside and I guess IKE just helped us get a head start.
Jon set up a little work station for Wyatt. He played there for the longest time!
I'll post a pic and maybe jon will post a video of it all coming down! It was quite dramatic! Our backyard is so sunny now and actually looks 100% less trashy without that metal roof.


The White House said...

I really cannot believe how big Wyatt is! We miss y'all. Thank you so much for sending all of the stuff for Avery's party and the sweet gift. It was really fun. I used almost all of the stuff that you found.

LeeAnn said...

The first thing Jeff and I said when we saw Wyatt was how big he is getting, funny that Tyne noticed too!

Trevlyn said...

Crummy insurance companies...but what a great work ethic Wyatt's learning! ;)