Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding Memories

"Rock favors"
We hunted for rocks together, had a stamp made
and then turned them into fridge magnents.
This way people would see them and remember to pray for us
and the "rocky" times in our marriage.

I was thinking about my wedding today and how much I loved it. Chicago meets East Texas! Some of my best friends came down to decorate. Jon's family arrived and I think they enjoyed the Mexican food and Bar-b-que, although I think the heat just about melted everyone! My Aunt Sarah made my bouquet, my dress was a "find" from an old warehouse, my mom made the cake, my dad grew millions of pink zinnias, my bridesmaids made their own zinnia bouquets and we were married in a little country church in Gladewater with all our family and best friends surrounding us. Ben and Shannon played "Gypsy Swing" on guitar and violin. If you don't know what that is, then turn up your volume and listen to the first selection! *sigh* I would do it the same all over again....and I am now married to the most wonderful, hunky man I know!


The White House said...

It really was one of my favorite weddings ever. My favorite memory is of you, sitting in the restroom/lounge, with a fan blowing up your dress b/c the a.c. wasn't working. Can you please post that picture? I love it. So classic.

Sarah Cosper said...

Happy Wedding Memories! I LOVE pink Zinnias and My sister in law had us make our own bouquets (pink and white roses) and it is still a favorite memory of that weekend.

Carol said...

Ah beautiful. And you and Tyne are real life buddies? How great is that?

I LOVE your favours. What a fab idea, I shouldn't be surprised knowing how super creative you are.

Vashey Fam said...

Oh gosh Tyne. I forgot about that! I'm not sure about posting that was so hot in that church and in that dress!

Trevlyn said...

What beautiful pictures and memories! I love that your dad grew zinnias for your wedding! Your dress is gorgeous! I second the request by "The White House" to post the mentioned picture! :)

Chelle said...

Oh your wedding sounds perfect!

So romantic and filled with love from everyone. You make a beautiful bride!

anti-supermom said...

I have zinnias, we have some growing in our pretend garden. What a beautiful wedding, it sounds similar to mine in many ways.

Beautiful. Is it your annniversary or just a memory of the day?

Anonymous said...
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