Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's raining so hard here in more ways than one! I was in a car accident last night with my mom and Wyatt. I was trying to make a left on a country road and the guy behind me tried to pass me as I was turning. He didn't see my blinker. We're ok, but pretty sore. My car is drivable although it looks pretty ugly. The worst part, though is that he may be uninsured. The information he gave the policeman and I, looked valid and wasn't. I just found that out this morning. He seemed like such a nice guy. I'm hoping that that was just a mistake. Anyway, today is all about long phone calls and staying at home. I have a cold, so I'm going to make a cup of tea with honey, and try and enjoy my few moments of rainy peace before explorer boy wakes up from his nap.

*Ok, just found out he is insured, so that is truly fabulous news!


Kelly said...

Praise God you're all okay. Accidents can be scary. Him being insured as well is a big praise. Have a great day with your tea and honey, and be thankful that all is okay. :) I sure am.

Chelle said...

So glad you are all okay!

And I am glad he is indeed insured.

Feel better soon and drink your tea with honey. I hope that makes things a little better.


Sarah Cosper said...


Yes, I got your Flikr mail back. I hope to send you a little snail mail when I am more functional!

Love, Love,
Your Louisville friend

The White House said...

I'm sorry Leigh, I wish I could be there to take Wyatt for a few hours so you could get caught up on phone calls and drink your tea in peace.

Stephanie said...

Wow, sorry about the accident. It's a rough season. I don't always think to offer but please know you can call anytime if you need someone to watch Wyatt. I'm pretty good at saying no if it's not the right time and the boys would have fun playing together. Keep it in mind.

Dana said...

yikes. praise the Lord it wasn't worse!

oh and it was "lilies of the field"