Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ok, does it look like a kitten or deer?....or something else?! Poor thing, she's so confused. I did name her, though. We had some friends come over for dinner last night. Jim, Jon's old work friend and his girlfriend Amanda came over for homemade Pesto. We have bookoos of Basil in our garden right now and my husband makes the best pasta. It must be the Italian in him. Anyway, Jim's sister is having a baby girl any day now. They're going to name her Zoe, so in honor of Jim's little niece, I'm naming my confused deer "Zoe" too. Oh and I am so excited! I got my first stuffie commission last night. Jim wanted to buy one of my creatures for Zoe but then couldn't he came up with the bright idea to buy a cute outfit for her and give me a second identical one to cut up and make a matching animal! Oh, fun! What a good idea!

Wyatt is such a stud. :o) He is really walking like a champ now, although he keeps falling and hitting his forehead. Poor guy, he has three bruises on his noggin right now. I never knew toddlerhood could be so brutal. I really need to upload some walking videos. Sometimes I just clash with technology.


Trevlyn said...

Zoe is precious, whatever she decides to be! I've had creations like that and I have to ask my kids what it looks like because I can't figure it out!

Congrats on your first commission! I love the gift idea of making a stuffie out of a matching outfit! Clever!

Your son is ADORABLE! ;)

Chelle said...

I love Zoe! I think she looks like a kitten! But maybe that's because I love kittens :)
I can't wait to see a video of him walking, what a big boy!

Dana said...

hey did you get an email from ryan kelly?

anti-supermom said...

I love Zoe! Yep, my Wyatt just split his lip open and went to bed pretty much covered in blood. My week doesn't seem to be getting better.

Toddler are too wreckless for their own good.

The White House said...

Leigh, it fun to catch up on you through your blog. Wyatt is darling as usual. I love the rain storm moment. that is soooo sweet. Hope you are well and rested after your trip.