Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have way to many things to blog about! Vacation, Wyatt walking, new stuffies for my shop. I'm not sure even where to start! I spent last week in Chicago visiting family and letting Wyatt get to know and love them. His four girl cousins were at the house a lot.....and gave him bookoos of attention. We did a few art projects while I was there. I figured it was a good way to let them explore their creative side. I think they had fun, at least it was a break from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus! Each of my nieces are so special and individual that I thought I'd write about each of them seperately. This is Caitlin. Isn't she beautiful? :o) She's smart as a whip too. Wyatt had a blast playing cars with her! Check out the bunny she made! They all chose what animal they wanted to make. I helped them cut out the body shape but really everything else was up to them.

She even made a removable carrot for the pocket!

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