Friday, July 11, 2008


Thanks everyone! It really helps me to know what you like and don't like. I sometimes feel like I am so isolated hanging out with a baby all day. We actually don't have TV either! Crazy I know, it seriously took a year before I was comfortable with that....and now I don't even want it. I have so little free time as it is and I know all I would do would be to sit around watching HGTV, and TCM (and Discovery and History of course). Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words. It makes me feel less weird about how excited I get over each of my new creations. I've been surfing Flickr tonight and it has really inspired me to become a better digital photographer. I really do miss using my manual camera! Digital is nice and I'm slowly getting better, but I get frustrated quickly. Oh, if you don't know what "Flickr" is then you should check it out and be inspired! Echoes was the group I was looking at......mostly paintings, but I started clicking on peoples blogs and looking at their photography.

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Andrew Clarke said...

I still prefer manual photography, but that's just a personal opinion.
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