Friday, May 30, 2008

Wyatt and Stuffie

I'm just taking a little minute to blog before my day continues. I pick Renee up from the airport in an hour. Here is my latest softie. Meet Stuffie! You can view more of her here. I made her out of an old sheet. I love her funky head and the fact that she is sooo soft. I hate throwing out old sheets and pillowcases when the rip. It's the old ones that are the softest and have the most memories. If you have an old sheet or pillowcase that you are hanging on to for the memories and not the use of it, then drop by my house and we can make softies together!

Can I just say my son is sooo cute! He has this natural curiosity that I love to watch but hate to clean up.

Where did the car go?


Jenna said...

love the new softie! very pretty colors!

Dana said...

here's another swap for you :)