Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Random thoughts

It's been an interesting last few days. I finished my softy creature for the "softy swap" at crafty daisies. I think it's adorable. I hope my swap partner will think so. I've also been trying to finish a watercolor portrait. Jon brought me some flowers to help me along in that process. The guy's beard is doing me in slowly. I finally bought some mask(like rubber cement) to help me keep his whiskers white. The flowers on the side of the road are so lovely this time of year before the heat hits and kills everything! We will most likely (unless Tim Pickett says our car is bust) be driving to Chicago on Thursday for a funeral. 17 hours is a long drive but we are very close to Cindy's family. Several of you have been talking about emails that you have sent me that I have never seen. Please check and make sure your sending them to me "sherman_sy......" and not to Jon "alilkid...". Dana, I have had no goat's milk info! Oh, I think Wyatt is allergic to that as well......sores around the mouth, gross diapers, runny nose.....maybe raw milk would work!?

Softie Swap Sneak Peek!

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donita dawn said...

I will pray you are able to head to Chicago. I know how important that is!!! As far as Wyatt, keep trying different milks, but he may have to go to soy or rice milk like me. Poor boy, hopefully he'll grow out of it.