Saturday, May 17, 2008


So, I picked up our milk yesterday. No, not from the store, but from a lady's front porch. I pulled it out of a cooler and put a $5 bill under a rock as payment. It felt a little strange. Kind of like I went back in time or something. I took the milk home right away and tasted it. It was so good!! I expected a grassy or earthy taste but it tasted just like "milk" only it was yellow and had a richer, creamier, fuller flavor.....much better but not so different that I didn't like it. I gave a sip to Wyatt and he got his usual red streaks above the milk for Wyatt. He still drinks mama's milk once a day, so I guess it's not too bad.
Speaking of going back in time, I was thinking last night about how my little family's lifestyle is really changing. We don't have TV. Our radios barely work. We are working a garden, buying produce from a lady in the next town, buying eggs from a lady by my parent's house, purchasing raw milk from a dairy farm, buying organic beef from the Crowe's (I miss them already!) and I just proposed a trade for art lessons for homemade wholegrain bread! We are also in the process of finding land, so we can have animals, a BIG garden, fruit trees and a place for our children (right now it's just Wyatt) to play. Oh, and we decided we don't want to keep up with the Jones's if it means going into no I-pods, extraneous cell-phones, fancy clothes or cars.........We are really becoming weirdos. It's not intentional, it's just happening that way. I would have never thunk it! has anyone seen the movie Wilderness Family? Strange bizzare family, but I can definitely relate. Is there any place in this world for an Artist Wilderness Family? What happens when you put two artist in the country? I do miss the big city of Chicago, the museums, cafes, funky stores, parks., pizza......but this is nice, much much nicer.

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Clair said...

I thnk that living without some of the things people deem necessary (electronics and gadgets) does make like less stressful. I don't have a cell phone, tv, or my own computer, but then they don't trouble me or cause me stress.