Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago trip

I love my husband!

Life was really crazy this weekend. We drove 17 hours to Chicago and surprised Jon's mom. We put Wyatt in the kitchen and when she walked in from work, he was the first thing she saw. She was so surprised! It was great! Happy Mother's day!
The funeral was very sad, but very happy at the same time. Cindy was a strong believer in Jesus Christ. Everyone sang her favorite hymn "Amazing Grace" It was a different version. There was a part that said. "My chains are gone. I've been set free. My savior God has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy rains. Amazing love, amazing grace." I believe that Cindy was truly and finally set more wheelchair or weight to keep her from dancing and singing. I can imagine her right now dancing, leaping and singing in heaven!
Wyatt had so much fun with his Grandma, Aunties and cousins. He got more love, attention and hugs and kisses! He learned how to truly dance this weekend. Check out the youtube video of him doing a slam dance version of the polish chicken dance! You can view it here.
We visited Jon's dad in the hospital. He is definitely doing better than a few weeks ago. In fact they just moved him to Wynscape (assisted living/nursinghome) yesterday.

On the way home we drove down through St, Louis and then Arkansas. Beautiful and mountainous road, but slow as molasses. We went anywhere from 30mph to 55mph. Not a way I'd recommend if you really want to get home.......but it was all still so nice to be alone with Jon and our son. It was quality time and I loved just about every minute of it.
I finally got my art camps posted! It took *forever*!!! You can view my website here and the classes are under courses. I will be needing a chaperon for the field trip for"Texas Sketchbook" in August. If anyone wants to adventure with me, it should be fun!


Dana said...

cool i may just have to sign up sam for the drawing class. :)

Kelly said...

Oh, Leigh, Wyatt is getting so big!! I know it hasn't been really long since we've seen you last, but it's so funny to see him clapping and dancing. It was so cute!! Good luck with your art camps. I'd be interested if we were living anywhere near there.