Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Bebo Breakfast Morning

This was really good morning. I have been so very busy this week. I finally finished the watercolor portrait. I've been working on it for months! It was so hard to keep the clowns from looking evil, but I think they turned out nicely! I have no classestoday, so Wyatt and I can play and play and play. For breakfast we listened to Bebo Norman really loud. Wyatt was rockin' in his highchair and I was headbobbin with my toast.(Wyatt's favorite song was Into the Day, the chorus of it. It's the second song on my playlist if you want to hear it....catchy tune)
Then we played under a quilt and Wyatt *pretend* drank from his plastic coffee cup. He also pretend ate from his tin skillet. I think later after his nap we'll make a tent!

Thanks for the butter tips. It's good to know I did something wrong. Who wants to churn 30 minutes for 2TBS of yellow gold......I'll try again this Friday.

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