Friday, April 18, 2008

Spare Room Drama

My Spare Room is finally ready for company! Yipee! I don't know if it's ever been this organized (thanks to Stephanie). I thought I'd put some pictures here for enjoyment....I will probably look at them in the future and wish it still looked like this! Notice the photo with the computer and the rose painting. That's my estate sale painting that I bought for my mother-in-law. I hung it across from the bed to see if she'll comment on it.....I'll then give it to her when she leaves. She doesn't read this blog, so it'll be a surprise. Sister's, if you read this, don't tell her! It won't hurt my feelings if she doesn't comment. I just thought it'd be kind of funny if she did.


Stephanie said...

Ted said I can take lessons this summer! Yippee! Do I decide what I'd like to learn or do you come up with what I should learn based on what my hopes are? I'm so excited! When are your teaching times?

Vashey Fam said...

Wow! Let's talk about. This should be so fun for you!