Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Art Life

-So yesterday was a crazy interesting day! I still taught all of my art classes, which I shouldn't have. Here is a scene of my table after two students left. The still life for them to paint is pretty, but notice the presents they left for me to clean up. One is in the foreground and the other to the right back......nasty,wet, wadded up paper towels that they sculpted.

-Here is another class hard at work. It is the most peaceful thing when everyone at the table is concentrating. There is soft music in the background....I am sitting on the floor busily cutting mat board for the show.

-Here's a few pics from the art show. My friend took some better ones on her blog if you click her name here, Adrianna. I thought it went very well, although people started arriving early before I had everything set up. Thank you to everyone that helped me stick things in strategic places! Jon was my caterer and he did a delicious job. We had chocolate covered strawberries, salsa, punch and skittles. My students are terrific and I absolutely LOVE what I do! I mean, teaching art out of my home is like a dream come true. I get to play in a box with my son, create fabulously cool and weird stuffed creatures, cook for my husband *and* teach all in the same day and in my house shoes!

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Kelly said...

Crying is fine. I know. But last night I broke down into sobs because the toilet was clogged. :) Jonathan realized how emotionally fragile I was and jumped up for me right away. I saw some Robeez this morning at Target, so you probably didn't even need to order them online. I almost grabbed you a pair. We get back from house hunting Sunday night probably. We're taking a few days for it. Post away!!