Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The aftermath (show and evil corn)

So, my art show went pretty well. I am soooo glad it's over. I'm pooped. Jon and Wyatt are pooped. We're just a smelly family! Speaking of smelly. I didn't know that if you give a baby kernel corn it makes their poop smell bad. Well, I know that now!!!!! Oooh my goodness!! Be-ware of the CORN!
.......I'll post more later. I have to clean my house. It looks like an art supply explosion went off in here!


Kelly said...

Hahaha! They also don't digest it. So if you haven't experienced it yet, beware of stray kernels!

Tyne White said...

Hey Leigh, sorry I didn't play your refrigerator tag game. Wishing I had, I have an awesome picture of Gabe Carter in a tux from high school. Anyway, now I am tagging you.