Monday, March 17, 2008

Warning for those who drive around on "E" was a truly weird day. Bailey Bridges called and said she couldn't come to her 11 o'clock lesson, so I packed Wyatt up and we went to the 1st Baptist Church Library. I thought Wyatt was better and I was definitely stir crazy. On the way there my gas light came on. I have to admit this is a common occurrence in my car. In my defense, though, it comes on way early before it hits the big "E" for empty. Anyway, I didn't think much of it. Wyatt and I picked out our books and movies and got in the car to go home.....and it wouldn't start!! I noticed I was on a really steep incline. To make a long story short, my grandparents rescued me from my crying baby and my foolhardiness. A 1/4 tank will be my "E" from now on! I took Wyatt to the doctor today b/c he was so miserable. Turns out he has an ear infection not to mention a sore throat and runny nose. So now, he gets grape Pedialite, bubblegum Tylenol, orange baby Motrin, and pink antibiotic. Tonight he had all those colors on his tongue, lips and shirt.....and green from the peas he rejected. He got a bath before bed! Oh, if you haven't seen the movie "Christmas Card" it's really good! Wyatt even watched it with me!

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