Friday, March 14, 2008

Trash Gripe

I was driving down my parent's road yesterday, Joy-WrightMountain, and someone had once again dumped their trash on the side of the road! I love living in beautiful east texas with it's pine trees, lakes (especially Caddo) pastures, windy roads and friendly people. What I don't like is when people think the side of the road or the woods is their own personal dumping ground! I can do without a sagging, rotting couch and refrigerator in the creek beside our woods (I am not exaggerating, someone has set up a living room in the great out of doors). Anyway, if you ever talk to me, you will know I am more into saving the babies and not the whales, but it still irkes me. I really enjoy the lovely creation God has given us and for my part I would like to take care of it in my corner of the world. So, Jon and I have been trying to do what we can do right here in east texas. Jon asked the guys he works with to give him their plastics and paper to recycle instead of just dumping it in the garbage. They laughed at him and thought he was crazy but it's one less soda bottle on the garbage hill. For lack of money, I have started really, really trying to use the things we have at home rather than spending money. It's been interesting. I joined FreeCycle. It's like Ebay but everything is free and you just go pick it up and I've started going to garage sales and Good Wills for fabric. I take old clothes and recycle it into beautiful hair flowers and stuffed critters. Ok, so I'll stop now, but it was just really bugging me. Here are a few good websites for recycling ideas!
Just call this number and there is a recording that tells you what days they pick up recycling in your Longview neighborhood. They also provide you with the plastic container.
Recycling - 903-237-1250


sukey said...

HI Leigh!!! JP told me about your Blog...i have one too!
I cannot believe that Wyatt is 1 year old already...or that i talk to you so infrequently...i miss my creative adventure friend!!
i joined freecycle they have a group in Aurora, how cool! take care and keep in touch...and i'll try to do the same :) love and hugs, sarah.

Kelly said...

Amen sista! It's a beautiful area. Do your part. Hug some trees. (Just kidding. I really do support this idea.)

Stephanie said...

Ted and I did this too. It was hard to watch so many recyclable things go into the trash can. We got laughed at too. We'd go to church functions and take home the recycling. We don't do it anymore but we try to use our plastic dishes and wash them when we have company verse paper plates. I get laughed at for that too but I feel better about it.