Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nursing my Son with Teeth

Beware! If you are not interested in breastfeeding, then please read no further!

So, Wyatt bit the heck out of me a couple of days ago. I mean he really lit into me with his 4 teeth. Oh the pain! I bled and noticed he actually took off a chunk of skin! Since then, feeding him on that side has been excruciating pain. In desperation last night I broke off a chunk of aloe on our plant and applied it to the open wound. It just has to heal, but how can it when it is constantly being agitated? I can't stop breastfeeding now b/c he's barely been eating solid food with being sick. This morning I had the thought that maybe if I change nursing positions that would help. It was hilarious, I laid him flat on his back on the bed and leaned over him. He didn't seem to mind and it really, really felt better. A little pain but not like having your fingernails pulled off one by one. So, I thought I'd pass on this story. Maybe it will help. Am I going to wean soon? .....not sure....not too worried about it. :o)


Stephanie said...

OUCH!!! James started doing that at 6 months so by the fourth child I decided it was time to stop.

Jenna said...

have you tried a nipple shield? I had problems when Ivy was first born and it really helped get us through the painful times until I was healed. Just a thought!

James said...

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