Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick, misunderstood flowers and Wyatt ramblings

Wyatt and I are both sick today! Yuckola. I hate being sick but it really makes me sad to see my baby sick. When he gives that little wimper and looks at me with those big eyes that seem to say,"mama I don't feel good" it about breaks my heart. On a better note, I found this random picture Jon took. I didn't even know he took it! I love baby's breath. It's a strange thing to love, I know, but I can't help it. It's usually just a filler for more important flowers, but all alone it has such a delicate ethereal quality. I like to bunch it together and put it in vases around my house. Speaking of which, another flower that has gotten a bad wrap is carnations. Yes, they do look very cheap, but once again they are mostly used as a filler flower. By themselves and all bunched together with broad green leaves they can look full and lacy like a ladies petticoat.
I think Wyatt said his first word on Monday. we were standing at the door and he pointed his chubby finger towards the glass and said "Ka" really loud....and then he said it a second time. It sounds like he's saying "car" with a boston accent. There really was a car where he was pointing, so maybe......He's also waving really well now. He loves grinning and waving at himself in the mirror.

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Jenna said...

I love baby's breath too! I got a dozen roses for V-day this year and after 3 days the roses were wilted but I still have the baby's breath in a vase on my kitchen table. Reminds me of wild flowers and gives my kitchen a "country look." Sweet