Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday School and Gracie Bunny (made from Tyne's discarded tanktop)

Ok, so this is my first time blogging! Blogging is such a weird word. It gives me the picture of someone trudging through mud and muck.

My sister-in-law, Tyne designed my blog for me. She did a truly fabulous job! Thanks Tyne!

Today was a really good day. "Sunday School" :o) was awesome this morning. Hearing again about how simple the gospel of Jesus Christ is and how you don't have to understand everything or be correct in all your doctrine to accept Christ as your savior....God is ready to love and accept if we just believe in his Son.
Those of you who have talked to me recently know how crazy I've gotten about sewing and creating fabric art. My mom told me yesterday that she had a sewing machine to give me and I am so excited. I've been making everything by, bunnies, robots, bags. Soon I want to try my hand at an owl. There are entirely too many cute toys for girls and not so many for least not overly interesting ones! I've been trying to analyze why I'm so into making things all of a sudden and I'm not sure. My head is so crazy with ideas, some nights I can't sleep for excitement! The only time I really have to work on stuff is during Wyatt's naps, so it's kind of slow going. I'm a little nervous about using a machine, but if I can learn, it sure will speed up the process! Jon started a Flickr site for me. Check it out to see some of my strange makings. It's to the upper right under my favorite sites.

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Stephanie said...

Crafts are an outlet for me. When I feel cooped up or stressed doing a craft seems to melt it away. Every one needs a hobby! :)